8 Circuit Studios launches their 8 Bit Token

8 bit token

Alien Arsenal

We’ve written a number of articles on the ground breaking 8 Circuit Studios. They first made an appearance in the blockchain market with their blockchain game for mobile. Alien Arsenal. They then made a big splash with the announcement of the stunning Project Genesis, a metaverse-enabled game built completely from the ground up to take advantage of blockchain and its capabilities to manage and store player-owned digital assets. Project Genesis, set for release on PC and consoles in 2019, will offer players a triple-A level sci-fi starship combat and FPS experience, where players will battle one another for control of the spacelanes.

The team is made up of industry veterans from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Capcom. Their goal is to build the metaverse, a universe of universes, and the launch of their 8 Bit Token (8BT) today is a big step towards that goal.

8 bit token“Today, with our token sale, we are continuing to build upon our previous successes in blockchain development to demonstrate the incredible promise of the metaverse,” said James Mayo, President of 8 Circuit Studios . “8 Bit Tokens will be a key to opening the nascent metaverse. You’ll be able to use them to create your own avatars, acquire and lay claim to property, and obtain items that are imbued with special properties. We’re very excited to take this huge step forward in the creation of a truly shared game experience.”

You can learn more about their 8 Bit Token launch here: http://8circuitstudios.io

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