8 Circuit Studios – interview with the team


Last week we had a chance to connect with the team at 8 Circuit Studios. They are the pioneering team bringing us innovative blockchain games such as Alien Arsenal and the mysterious D-PARC.

We are thrilled to have had the chance to hear more about their vision, their games, and the path ahead for 8 Circuit Studios. And we’re even more thrilled to be able to show you guys the first trailer for D-PARC!

You guys have an incredible history in the games industry. Can you tell me a bit of background about you and your team? and what inspired you to get into blockchain / crypto games?

My background comes from working at both large publishers of games (Microsoft/Nintendo) and at game development studios (Day 1 Studios which was acquired by Wargaming.net). Much of the team has similar backgrounds to mine (Blizzard, EA, Sony, Zipper Interactive) which really helps when trying to overcome the new challenges posed by introducing blockchains into game development. We got inspired by the blockchain’s radically new way of solving digital scarcity and ownership-without-3rd-party-mediation – or put another way…gamers can now really own their own stuff.

Tell me about the vision for 8 Circuit Studios.

Our long term vision of contributing to building the metaverse came from our love of cyberpunk/tech novels like Snow Crash, Neuromancer, and Cryptonomicon and sci-fi movies like Tron, The Matrix, and Avatar. The ability to travel between digital universes and creative playgrounds is something we thought was only possible in movies and books. Now that we, or anyone, can create digital assets on the blockchain, the metaverse becomes possible to construct in a very practical way. As an example, this allows for digital assets to be used between games. From there, it is only a small step to using characters and avatars between games and franchise universes.

Tell me about your first game. What is the basic gameplay, story, and marketplace of Alien Arsenal? How does the game and marketplace work?

“Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain” is a mobile game where you collect adorable aliens to fight bosses and compete against other players to rank on leaderboards. You can also choose to train your aliens to make them big and strong by evolving them into their advanced forms – more importantly, these aliens exist on the blockchain! Alien Arsenal is out on the App Store and the Google Play store – our goal was to make blockchains easy and fun (no third party plugins or access to crypto/token exchanges required!). We’re also providing a secret that most people don’t realize when they download the game: an airdrop of our 8Bit Tokens! We’re calling it a Space Drop though (because, you know…aliens), and we’re giving away 5 8Bit Tokens as a “thank you” for early adopters helping us with feedback and just being awesome community members. We don’t have a marketplace yet…but we’ll have more info on that subject in the near future.

What made you decide to make your own token (8 Bit Token)? What’s the long term goal?
Our intent with 8Bit Tokens was to find a way to rally a community around a shared vision, and give everyone an opportunity to participate in a new approach to video game development. Since our current focus is making blockchains easy to use and fun to play with, our tokens let us remove some of the challenges posed by having to go through the steps of navigating exchanges, 3rd party plugins, and finding which wallet is right for you. We want to make it easy for our moms to play blockchain-based games.

What can you tell me about D-PARC? Any sneak peaks? 🙂

D-PARC is our next project. It is a multiplayer first-person-shooter and space-combat game where choices really matter (we’ll have more information on this topic soon!). It is being built for PC and consoles, and we believe it is the next evolution in blockchain games. As we love Cryptobit, we would like to give you and your community an exclusive sneak peek of our next teaser! Here it is:

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for your projects and Crypto Games in general?

There are two big barriers that we see:

  • Usability. Right now, it is really difficult for the average gamer to get involved in crytpo-games – anyone who’s actually tried to explain the steps to playing blockchain-based games knows how challenging it can be to involve your friends.
    “Transaction Viscosity”. Transaction viscosity encompasses a range of challenges that must usually be accounted for when working with blockchains. Many of us will have experienced these things as network congestion, excessive gas/transaction fees, and perpetually-pending transactions.
  • Finding ways to solve these challenges or designing games and products to compensate for them will set the good blockchain-based game companies apart from the great ones. We hope to be one of the great blockchain companies, of course.

Tell me about your perspective on blockchain technology and games in general. Where is this all going? and why is it important to you?

We think that games and blockchains are going to usher in new ways for gamers to use digital assets and experience online ownership. And of course we are excited by the work our colleagues in the blockchain-gaming space are already doing to give people the earliest glimpse of what the metaverse might look like. It’s a really exciting time, and we are just getting started.

What is your roadmap, and what plans do you have for the future for your team and your project?

Infographic timeline gamingAny key dates or milestones coming up that you would like to share? Any announcements coming up?

If anyone wants to participate in our Space Drop and play the first version of Alien Arsenal they can download our App and then join our Discord to get their access code. While there, make they can some new alien friends too! Looking ahead, we’ll be having a big announcement coming near the beginning of July. So…stay tuned!

To learn more about 8 Circuit Studios and their games, checkout their official website.

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