40,000 Crypto Collectibles Giveaway at Dodger Stadium

mlb crypto bobblehead night

Lucid Sight are back in the headlines once again! It seems every time we hear from them, they’ve got something bigger and better for us; and this time it’s bigger than you could imagine.

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced last week, on their OFFICIAL twitter account, that there will be a crypto collectible giveaway AT Dodger’s stadium on September 21st!


Yeh….Lucid Sight, in partnership with the LA Dodgers will be giving out crypto collectibles to 40,000 fans in attendance; collectibles that can be added directly to their Ethereum wallets!

The event is called Digital Booblehead Night which will be hosted on September 21st at Dodger’s Stadium. It’s the first ever event of its kind, and a massive step forward for blockchain games. For the first time ever, crypto collectibles will be in the mainstream eye at one of the biggest events in the country. While I’m sure there will be a few people asking “a crypto what now?”, it’s clear that events like this will only help our cause in legitimizing the market and growing the player base.

Once again, Lucid Sight hits a home run (pun intended) with another mega announcement for crypto games. Bring it on!

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