0xWarriors: a multi-blockchain game


We’ve seen a lot of games built on Ethereum, and we’ve also seen some games being built on EOS. The blockchain community has been divided in their opinions of building on EOS vs Ethereum, there are pros and cons to both. The folks at 0xGames decided, why not get the best of both worlds?

0xGames, the team behind 0xUniverse, is releasing, a multiplayer blockchain game that allows players to battle, participate in tournaments, collect items and trade them on an internal marketplace facilitated by the blockchain.

The thing that’s exceptionally unique about 0xWarriors is that it’s one of the first multi blockchain-based games. Their plan is to support both EOS and Ethereum, which is amazing mainly because we all thought this might open a portal to another dimension. Sergey Kopov, founder of 0xGames, said, “We are launching the game on EOS first. Our team believes the technology has great advantages and is very flexible. Also, we are planning to connect Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the coming months”.

0xWarriors as a web-based pvp “battler” where players build a squad of badass warriors.

Players can choose and customize their warriors, purchase chests containing items of different rarity that can be equipped by their warriors, and prepare their squad of marauding warriors for battle. 0xWarriors will have a weekly Arena event where players can fight each other for a chance to win rewards including a prize pot.

How does the multi blockchain work?

Sergey Kopov explained, “Imagine having one warrior equipped with a sword that is on the EOS blockchain while the shield is on Ethereum, the game seamlessly brings together people from different ecosystems.” 0xWarriors intends to provide players with thousands of unique items to be discovered and collected.

You can find out more about 0xWarriors by visiting their official website.

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