0xUniverse: a revolutionary game based on smart contracts


This week, I had the privilege of interviewing the team behind 0xUniverse, a new space exploration Crypto Game. They recently launched their open beta, so I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a chat during such an exciting time for the team.

0xUniverse: Introduction

The 0xUniverse open beta was released on March 16, 2018, and it’s one of the most ambitious games so far.

Players can build spaceships, colonize planets, and explore the galaxy. The goal is to discover resources and carry out research that will allow you as a player to conquer the remotest corners of the galaxy. In addition, players can jointly contribute to the story and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

This game is played on the Ethereum blockchain. The game server and the game client are simply providing a user-friendly experience for players to engage in. And regardless of the availability and responsiveness of the server, players will be able to carry out all of the game activities, such as buying and selling planets, discovering spacecraft designs, and launching expeditions. By integrating with Blockchain, ownership will be validated and tracked securely.

Can you tell me a bit of background about your team? What inspired you to get into blockchain /crypto games?

0xGames is an international team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in game development and blockchain technologies. We gathered together in November 2017 to create 0xUniverse.

We were inspired by the success of CryptoKitties. We wanted to improve game design and expand on what they did. In CryptoKitties players own the cat, but it’s not an investment, because your cat will become cheaper as time passes. On the other hand in our game, the planets which you own could be even more expensive day by day because there is a finite number of planets available. There are 1 million planets available for purchase or explore.

And of course we like games about Space (cosmos, universe)  and wanted to make a game that will be beautiful, with a great story behind it and also profitable.

We are encouraged by the potential capabilities of blockchain technology for game developers. First of all, it allows developers to further common game worlds. Therefore, 0xUniverse will also enable third-party developers to create alternative game clients and supplement game logic with new game mechanics using the 0xUniverse framework.

Tell me about how the vision for 0xUniverse came about. What inspired you to make a game like this?

It’s not just one more game about cosmos. We have a great story behind it. Imagine that anyone can visit and conquer the Galaxy. During discovering the Galaxy, players can find new and unexpected artifacts. And bit by bit they discover that they aren’t alone in the Galaxy. And as players progress, the great history starts to open up. The players can work together in collaboration to unravel the story. In the end players will uncover the mysteries of life that started a million years ago.

What is the basic gameplay, story, and marketplace of 0xUniverse? How does the game work?

0xUniverse is giving players a chance to own planets, develop planets, grow people and collect resources to build spaceships and discover the Galaxy.

Gamers can buy a planets (safety provided by blockchain). The population grows in the same way as resources on your planet.  When you have enough resources you can build a spaceship and send it to discover new planets across the Galaxy.

Players start by buying one or more planets on the Galactic Auction. Here are some of the main specifications which a planet can have:

  • Location – each planet has its own unique location on the map
  • Resources – composition, production rate and quantity of minerals. The variety of resources is big. They are divided into 4 ranks of rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary
  • Suitability for life (determines the rate of population growth and its maximum density)
  • The growth rate, the accumulated and the limiting number of people
  • Unique form that matches their rarity
  • Having captured the planet, the player begins to benefit from it: the population of the planet starts growing by itself

The population produces knowledge (the speed of production depends on the number of people) The population extracts resources . The population and resources is connected with the planet. The accumulated knowledge are stored in a common storage for the player.

A certain amount of knowledge allows you to make a invention, as a result of which the player will receive an accidental design of the spacecraft. Each new discovery requires more knowledge.

A spaceship is a means of settling new planets. To create a ship you need

  • spaceship design
  • specific resources (for example, 100 gold and 50 titanium)
  • population (future colonists)

The main characteristics of the ship, which determine its value:

  • The quality of the radar is the probability of finding a rarer planet
  • Quality of the engine is the probability of finding a planet
  • The size of the residential module is the number of colonists that the ship can transfer
  • Necessary for construction resources

When the player having accumulated the necessary amount of knowledge, he can spend it to making new invention. As a result player receive the simplest design of the spacecraft. By accumulating and spending the right amount of resources, the player creates a ship.

Once a ship is built, the player must immediately send it to the explore expedition on one of the planets they own. This planet must have the necessary amount of population to transfer people to the ship as colonists. From there, a player can decide on which sector of the universe he wants to explore, but the more the sector has already been explored, (i.e. the more planets have already been found), the less chance the player has to find a new planet.

With a successful outcome, the ship finds a new planet and colonizes it, i.e. the colonists become the population of the planet. The player can get lucky, and he might find the rarest kind of planet – a legendary one. This planet will have a unique design, and description, and tells a piece of history about the origin of the universe.

0xuniverse marketplace

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for your project and Crypto Games in general?

The hardest part is developing of  Smart Contracts. Also, using of Smart Contracts and MetaMask is making it difficult for users to get in. We understand that it’s not easy for users to install, register an account, and buy Ethereum etc.

What plans do you have for the future for your team and your project? Any announcements coming up?

Next will be released new bug free version of course. We going to continue improve the gave and will add innovations, but can’t tell you now all our secrets. Stay tuned.

Also, we would like to remind you that we are encouraged by the potential of blockchain technology for game developers. First of all, it allows developers to further common game world. Therefore, 0xUniverse will also enable third-party developers to create alternative game clients and supplement game logic with new game mechanics.

Thanks again to the 0xUniverse team for taking the time to answer some questions. I’m definitely excited to watch their progress this year. If you want to learn more about the game, here are some useful links:

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