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best crypto game art 2018

Crypto Bit Awards: Winner of Best Crypto Game Art 2018

Art has always been a core aspect of the games industry. If you're a gamer, then you've most likely, at one point in time, been impressed by the art in a video game. Good...

Age of Chains – galaxies colliding

Age of Chains is a game built on the innovative Counterparty platform. It is also the winner of the Crypto Bit Player's Choice 2018 awards back in June. Needless to say, it's an honor...

Super Game Chain and Nebulas meet up in San Fran

Last Friday, Super Game Chain hosted their first Meetup together with Nebulas where they discussed the applications of blockchain in games, the future direction of blockchain games, as well as the most strategic and...

MonsterEOS – first interview with the team

MonsterEOS is known as one of the first to market with a game built on the EOS blockchain. It is very early days for EOS, and teams like MonsterEOS are aiming to test out...
Best Concept 2018

Crypto Bit Awards: Winner of Best Concept 2018

Just a few weeks ago, we wrapped up the 2018 CryptoBit Awards! While the market is still so new, there are so many talented teams putting it all on the line to help push...
blockchain heroes hackathon

Blockchain Heroes – a winner emerges

This past weekend Ubisoft hosted their blockchain games hackathon, Blockchain Heroes. The event involved 57 participants, 8 mentors, 12 projects, and 5 judges. The whole event lasted 2 and a half days, and took...
hash rush alpha

Hash Rush – announces their Alpha launch

Earlier this week, the team at Hash Rush announce the alpha signup for their upcoming RTS blockchain game. There are a lot of exciting additions to the game, particularly a combat system as well...
casa tookan

BitCrystals announces new blockchain wallet

BitCrystals is a blockchain game publisher home to some of the most innovative pioneers of the industry, such as Shaban Shaame and Chris Moss. They are best known for building groundbreaking games built on...
cryptic conjure

Lucid Sight announces Cryptic Conjure

It's always a pleasure getting the chance to report on the latest news from Lucid Sight. They are a team who relentlessly pioneered the mobile space, and are now relentlessly doing the same in...

Crypto-Oink – cute collectible blockchain pigs

The blockchain games market has been a real global effort. Teams from all around the world are pioneering and innovating this upcoming space. This week we had a chance to connect with a team...

Welcome to Crypto Bit Games

CBG logo 272Crypto Bit Games is a site about everything to do with the emerging Crypto Games market (also known as Blockchain Games).

In 2008, Apple released their App Store and it captured the imagination of app and game developers alike. It’s been 10 years now, the mobile dust has settled, and games industry is returning to business as usual. It’s time for a new paradigm to disrupt the industry, and we, at Crypto Bit Games, believe that disruption is happening thanks to Crypto Games and Blockchain technology.

At Crypto Bit Games, we plan to cover the latest and greatest in the Crypto Games market and Blockchain technology, from the game developer to the platform providers. We’re excited to be along for the ride on what we believe is going to be an amazing 10 years ahead.