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CBG – Telegram – 920
everdragons tron

Everdragons builds bridge into TRON

The team at Everdragons are blazing new trails by being one of the first blockchain games to go multi-chain. They have successfully integrated their blockchain game with ETH, POA, and now TRON. On top of...
blankos block party

Mythical Games breaks records with Blankos Block Party

Back in November Mythical Games announced a whopping $16M series A with Galaxy Digital leading the round. Then 2 weeks later, they dropped a trailer for their first blockchain game: Blankos Block Party. Their...
tron arcade

TRON Arcade and their $100M game fund

This news is several weeks old, but worth mentioning for a number of reasons. In 2017 we  saw the birth of Blockchain Games thanks to the extremely innovative CryptoKitties team. In 2018, we saw...
blockchain cuties tron

Blockchain Cuties integrates with Tron

There has been an interesting and significant shift in the market recently. More and more games are going multi-blockchain. What does that mean? Simply put, a multi-chain blockchain game is a game that runs...

Axie Infinity announces Terrarium presale!

Axie Infinity have been the rockstars of the blockchain game community. They are pushing the boundaries of what blockchain games are, and it's safe to say, we're all fans. This week, we're excited to share...

CryptoWars announces epic tournament

This week, the folks at CryptoWars announced the launch of an EPIC tournament with a prize pool of $2,500! Even though it’s still on alpha, the team couldn’t wait to share their work with the community. The...

Mythical Games reveals new game, Blankos Block Party

An exciting day for games and blockchain. Mythical Games revealed their first game today built on the EOS blockchain. The trailer aired at the Gamers' Choice Awards on CBS. For more info on Blankos, go...
Mythical Games

Activision Blizzard veterans raise $16M for blockchain games

Big news was announced for Blockchain Games today as industry veterans from the game industry join the market. The small but fast growing crypto games market is starting to attract heavy weights who see...

Interview with CryptoBlast dev team

It is the future and humans are assumed dead. Self-aware blockchains now seek to destroy each other for victory. You are playing your part as a soldier in this ‘crypto war’. CryptoBlast is a...

Block Decentral video review: Beyond the Void

Our friends at Block Decentral dropped a new video review on a blockchain game by B2Expand: Beyond the Void. Check it out! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Telegram! — Got any comments, corrections, or new info? Get in...

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CBG logo 272Crypto Bit Games is a site about everything to do with the emerging Crypto Games market (also known as Blockchain Games).

In 2008, Apple released their App Store and it captured the imagination of app and game developers alike. It’s been 10 years now, the mobile dust has settled, and games industry is returning to business as usual. It’s time for a new paradigm to disrupt the industry, and we, at Crypto Bit Games, believe that disruption is happening thanks to Crypto Games and Blockchain technology.

At Crypto Bit Games, we plan to cover the latest and greatest in the Crypto Games market and Blockchain technology, from the game developer to the platform providers. We’re excited to be along for the ride on what we believe is going to be an amazing 10 years ahead.