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Bitizens – Middle
Bitizens – Middle

EOS Wizards One Marketplace

Wizards One marketplace is now open

Wizards One is one of the first games to adopt the controversial EOS blockchain. They first announced their blockchain game right as EOS launched, and were one of the first on the scene. These...
epic games magnachain

Is Fortnite coming to Blockchain?

I've talked to a lot of people about how we grow the blockchain games market. And the one thing that seems to be a common thread is the fact that we are all waiting...
nacho men

Nacho Men – a blockchain game powered by NEO

In the world of Blockchain Games, all eyes are currently on Ethereum. But there are other blockchain ecosystems hoping to make a stamp on this revolution. The trouble is, there's not a whole lot...
axie infinity closed beta

Axie Infinity announces their closed Beta

If you've been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the blockchain games market, you would have definitely heard the name Axie Infinity. They are team of CryptoKitties pro players who got together...

Bitizens – welcome to Bitropolis

Bitizens is the latest announcement from blockchain platform developer, BitGuild. At it's core, Bitizen is a 3D avatar system that integrates with BitGuild and allows players to have a visual identity in their games....
EOS knights

EOS Knights – first mobile EOS blockchain game

The EOS gaming market is still practically non-existent. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, it takes time to make a good game, and EOS mainnet only just went live. I imagine it's going...

CryptoAssault – prepare for war

This week, a game called CryptoAssault caught my attention. The game was just recently announced, and according to the roadmap on their website, the presale is scheduled for October 2018 followed by a launch...
war riders

War Riders partners with WAX

Today, the folks at War Riders™ and Worldwide Asset eXchange™(WAX) announced a partnership in-game items from War Riders will be available on WAX ExpressTrade™, and bought and sold on OPSkins™. These items will be purchase-able using...

Parsec Frontiers – an uncertain future

The blockchain games market is filled with innovation, excitement, and imagination. Many believe that blockchain technology is going to disrupt games like never before. But pioneering a new space isn't a small feat. And...
a table

à table! – a whimsical exploration game

Many of us in the blockchain games industry consider EverdreamSoft to be pioneers of the market. They are the creators of the mobile blockchain game, "Spells of Genesis", which launched in April of 2017....

Welcome to Crypto Bit Games

CBG logo 272Crypto Bit Games is a site about everything to do with the emerging Crypto Games market (also known as Blockchain Games).

In 2008, Apple released their App Store and it captured the imagination of app and game developers alike. It’s been 10 years now, the mobile dust has settled, and games industry is returning to business as usual. It’s time for a new paradigm to disrupt the industry, and we, at Crypto Bit Games, believe that disruption is happening thanks to Crypto Games and Blockchain technology.

At Crypto Bit Games, we plan to cover the latest and greatest in the Crypto Games market and Blockchain technology, from the game developer to the platform providers. We’re excited to be along for the ride on what we believe is going to be an amazing 10 years ahead.